Wednesday, July 10, 2013

If your garbage can lid wants to fly off into the wind....LET IT!

On the second of July I was supposed to drive my husband to the doctor. I was outside waiting for him when I saw the lid to our garbage can take off into the wind...I ran after it and stumbled and landed face first into the rocked hill between us and our neighbor. Of all the crazy places I landed on the outer edge of my eye, had it not been for my sunglasses I would have lost the eye and would have if the glasses had broken, talk about good luck. Of course I had a violent headache, tossed my cookies a couple of times and spent the week nauseous. Now here it is later and my eye is purple and yellow, it's like a ring under the eye and the colors are not bad. The purple reminded me of a glaze I used to put on my pots, it was called nuclear purple, that is an exact description of what my eye looks like....nuclear purple.
I must say that's what it looked like before it turned more purple and yellow, and wow do I have grey eyebrows?

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