Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wow it has been a while since I've had something to say.....

Either that or I've been too lazy to write or didn't think I had anything of interest. I went back to pottery for two classes and then gave it up, can't seem to find the time or the will to clean out my studio. I made the effort once and still have buckets I emptied of glazes outside.
Right now I'm busy watching workers jackhammer the pool down to the dement, then it will get new coating, new lights, pop ups and everything else. After fifteen years it was needed. When I look back I wonder what I was thinking putting in a pool this large. Of course fifteen years ago I swam an hour each day, at 74 years of age and needing therapeutic temperatures of 88 degrees of better yet 89, I don't go in as often as I could or should, cold whether water or air conditioning is painful for my joints and restricts my movement.
Today people need to go out and vote, don't know how many think that "my one vote won't make a difference" I beg to differ. I became a citizen in 1963 or 64 and I have always voted. I may have switched parties once because the one I joined became an embarrassing disappointment

Lake Havasu City's 2015 Balloon Festival

What a wonderful weekend, the flying weather was perfect and we had about sixty Balloonists from all over. Here are just a few special ones. When I think back to the first year of the festival I remember that it was still unknown and quite a few fewer balloons. The curiosity was high and so was the locals hope that it will continue. I would say it was a huge success all around.

Fake Boobs, fake butts and fake lips what will the people look like in the future?

Nothing seems real anymore and I wonder how it will look in the future when a 17 year old gets her lips pumped up so she can look poutier, or a mother brags in pre-surgery that her 16 year old saved her money so she can have boob implants and when have we ever paid so much attention to butts?

I know in some cultures especially women a big butt is the norm, but why have butt implants or buy panties with fake butt in them. I can see the men of the future salivating at a gorgeous woman, big boobs, pouty lips and a bit butt. He finally gets her in the sack and wow, the gorgeous girl he admired is now naked before him and there is nothing real, nothing from her eyelashes and tattooed eyebrows to her butt and let's not forget you can have your knees lifted as well so they look young and fresh.

I was a young girl once and yes, it was a looooong time ago, but I remember never paying attention to my naked body, were my boobs big enough, my butt round enough and my lips pouty enough?

I want and am aging naturally, yes I have wrinkles and things are no longer as firm as when I was thirty, fifty, sixty, but when I get cremated you won't smell plastic burning, ashes to ashes and dust to dust, that will be me. I want to be remembered in stories my children and grandchildren remember, flattering or not. I want to be remembered for the 45 or so years I spent volunteering in the worst areas where I saw things I never want to see again. I do not want to be remembered for the plastic smell rising through the chimney.
This was my beginning.