Thursday, November 19, 2015

A day in the life or an ordinary American housewife

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Since I wrote last all hell has broken lose in the world as I am sure that all of you are aware of the Paris tragedy, the downing of the Russian airline, then of course there is the Syrian crisis and European countries are overwhelmed with the influx of refugees and we in America don’t want them. I’m on the fence, on the other hand who knows what lurks under those Burkas, a bearded guy with a big, automatic gun. All I know is that I am happy I live in a small town where that hopefully has not been discovered by the refugees, but who knows how long that will take.

Take Oak Ridge, Tennessee for instance, they had chemical weapons plants, nuclear plants and something else, it was known as the “Hidden City” during WWII and wasn’t listed on any map, perhaps we should send around a petition listing Lake Havasu as the latest hidden city. On the other hand, the world might just be on the verge of going totally nuts. For my opinion all countries need to get together and bomb the hell out of ISIS, of course we’d have to get Obama out from under his desk where he is hiding refusing to acknowledge that ISIS indeed exists and call them by their proper name. I firmly believe that since he started in office racial tensions have escalated cleverly orchestrated by that incompetent excuse of a human being, am I being too harsh? Probably not!

I went to Vegas yesterday to go to the Endocrinologist, I had to look on his card to spell it correctly. 

I went to Dillard’s in Las Vegas and was totally overwhelmed, I realized that I’ve turned into a small town girl (old girl), I was looking for jeans, pants, a top or a skirt and left the store empty handed, it is the season for glitter and gross Santa sweaters, I saw one cute dress but on closer inspection realized it had metallic sparkles in it, I touched it and it felt like a Brillo pad, so not my thing.

The only thing I bought were Sunglasses at the Sunglass Hut, I lost a pair, have a dark pair which on a overcast day is too dark, he showed me some and I asked “how much” and glad I did, he said “$225.00 and I asked him if he was nuts.
“ How much do you want to spend?” I told him no more than 80 bucks, he showed me glasses by Michael Kors, they fit and were 80 bucks on sale. Today I looked in a glass plate on top of the China Cabinet, it belongs on the table and what did I find? The glasses I thought I lost, oh boy, but what do you expect when the day starts out by you opening a window without disarming the security system and all hell breaks lose?

We are getting a new dishwasher, bought a Bosch, it was on sale, the guy from the plumbing company showed up and he looks like a Duck Dynasty guy and is about as friendly as a rock, I told him when he moved out the old one I needed to vacuum and mop under there and his curt reply was “it’s up to you”, it was gross under there, the old one had been in place since 2002 and it’s not like you can pull it out to periodically clean under it.

Did I say the day couldn’t get worse? Of course it could! He didn’t have enough light so I hauled in a ladder, climbed it to open the blind in the kitchen ceiling and broke it, so tomorrow my buddy from Colorado River blinds will come and repair it or we have to get a new one, it is fine in winter, but in summer it turns the small kitchen into an oven.

 I changed beds and am washing like a mad woman. I bought a Fitbit HR and so far today in the house I have logged 1.33 miles, yesterday despite driving 5 hours I managed almost 10,000 steps which is my goal, I figure it’s the only way I will drop pounds. The trainer I hired at the club is working me like a dog and I feel like I want to crawl out of there when he gets through with me but of course it would be too humiliating to crawl out of the club, it’s never been done before.

Well as far as news goes, I am tapped out.