Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Arizona is burning

Here I thought that all my blogs from previous times were gone, erased by none other than myself, stupid, but....I found them again, don't ask me how, I clicked here and clicked there and voila I found them. It's like finding friends you haven't seen in ages.

What's new? Arizona is burning, in the Yarnell fire 19 Hotshot Firefighters lost there lives, it makes every day small problems fade into the distance. Now the Hualapai Mountains are on fire now as well, you can find photos on ABC15 here. I'm posting one here and hope that I don't get in trouble, but it they put them out there anyone can copy them and that's what I did.

It is a tragedy, not only for the lives lost, the homes, and let us not forget the panic the animals must feel and those that don't have time to escape. It's time to say a prayer, not only for the 19 lost and their families, but for the disasters all around usl.