Friday, January 1, 2016

The New Year Has Begun

January 1. 2016

In younger years I would write deepest thoughts into my journal, my  hopes, wishes and dreams. In odd years I thought it was going to be a bad year and in years like 2016, I just knew it would be a terrific year. I guess one is allowed to dream especially when young when life has not tainted our view.

While I was still in Germany and my father was alive, we'd "giess Blei" we'd hold a spoon like device over a flame to liquify the led and empty it into cold water. We'd try to see what it was and a little booklet would tell the fortune, nobody believed anything but it was fun.

In our twenties we'd go out, drink and strangers would kiss you at midnight I hated that worse than anything and in later year avoided it like the plague, nothing worse than some drunk you didn't know trying to kiss you, yuck. We all drank in our twenties and even thirties, I am sure of it, in my forties I decided that I wanted to be fully aware of what foolish shit I did and never wanted to have to say "well you know I was drunk". If I did something stupid I would apologize or not depending how I felt.

Last night's wait until the New Year was the most boring yet, we have company from South America and the 10 year old got an X-box for Christmas and he's been glued to the TV ever since. When I mentioned I wanted to watch CNN with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin the mood went sour and father and son retreated to the guest room supposedly to go to bed. I am an avid reader so I considered it my good fortune, went to bed and read my Kindle, to me it was an excellent start of a new year and promises for good days. I wish you all the best that the year can bring, may it heap blessings on all of you.

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