Saturday, December 5, 2015

War, Peace, Rejection, Beards, not drinking and driving and whatever else came out of my head.

December 5. 2015 10:45 pm

It seems that if we all "planted Peace" eventually there would be Peace, but my personal thoughts have been that if Peace were financially profitable there would be no wars. Of course we'd have to consider that most wars are started because of religion and the question remains why can't we all accept that we are all different and have different beliefs. Of course it is hard to believe anything when we watch TV and watch a woman being stoned to death in 2015 for whatever crime they feel she committed.

The last time I wrote I talked about Paris and today it is San Bernadino, California. Some believe it was an act of terrorism and the new word of the day is "radicalized" what the hell does that mean? Some say the guy got mad at his co-workers for teasing him about his long beard, really? A guy with a weapons Cache like he and his wife had means they planned bigger things. 

Personally I blame the guys on Duck Dynasty for this whole beard thing, every guy I see on the street has a beard of some kind, why the women stand for it is a surprise to me, the stuff must scratch and itch and be unpleasant. I saw a guy with a bugger hung up in his beard not long ago and wanted to puke right in the Walmart, but then that IS the place where you'd find a guy with a booger in his beard.

I'm lousy with instructions and avoid them whenever I can that's why I can't figure out if anyone ever reads my blog, I never get comments or suggestions like "get the hell out of the blogging business."

This has been the week of feeling rejected, I saw on FB three women I thought were my friends, there they were at lunch at the Wine Garage, what a name, of course drinking their lunch. I asked myself what is wrong with me that I was not invited, is it that I don't drink and drive? If we have people for dinner I might have a glass of red wine but I'd never be stupid enough to drink and drive and I decided a long time ago that I always want to be present and never have to say when I do something stupid "aw I'm sorry, I was drunk". I want to be awake when I mistakes, apologize if I find it necessary or say fuck you I mean what I did or what  I said, but then these three probably have never in their lifetime said "fuck you", they should try it. One day they will be old and hang out in a wheelchair in the nursing home, a kid will come up and look at them and that's when they hurl the old "fuck you" at the kid. I should know, my second career was working in Activities and Social Services in two or is it three different Nursing Homes. I was also an Ombudsman in two different States and responsible for closing a so called "home" down.

I noticed that I write with an accent, English is my second language but this German has been in country so long I should know better, the problem is I seldom re-read what I wrote, I'm just too lazy, so like it or leave it, but I'd still appreciate a comment here or there, positive or negative it does not matter, I'm vain that way. 

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